Number of flood evacuees in Kelantan drops

Malay Mail

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KOTA BARU, Dec 5 — The number of flood victims still sheltered at 14 evacuation centres in Kelantan& as at 8 am is 2,298 comprising 823 families, which is a decrease, from& 2,589 at 8 pm& yesterday.

The Social Welfare Department’s& ’inforbanjir’ application said most of the affected residents were in Pasir Mas with 1,382 from 535 families, who are staying at eight centres, followed by Tumpat& with 892 (283 families)& at five centres and Pasir& Puteh& with 24 (five families)& at one centre.

State flood portal, reported that the water level in Sungai Golok, Rantau Panjang& was& 9.29 metres& at& 7 am, compared to 9.66 metres& at 8 pm. The danger level is nine metres.

The portal also reported that no main roads had been closed to traffic, with the weather being fine, today. — Bernama& &